Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some fossil preparation work.

       I have, in recent months been working on fossil preparation. My advances in this subject have been advanced greatly by a paasche air eraser I recieved a week ago, before was a dremel and dental picks, highly destructive. Here are a few of my most recent projects, fossils from the Waldron Shale (middle Silurian), work still needs done, but I like the results so far. The work on some of these are stalled due to small veins of pyrite, which cannot be removed, but if a solution is found I will post some more photos after that has been done.

genus's are: Eucalyptocrinus, platystoma, and a tube worm (cornulites, not a genus, but the common name for them.)

That is all.

Monday, February 25, 2013

New blog theme.

This blog is going to (hopefully) undergo a huge revamp in the next few weeks. This blog (originally called cryptozoo) was started a year or two ago in dedication to what I felt was a scientific field, cryptozoology. While not lashing out on my younger self the idea was to say the least, unfounded, or perhaps more accurately foolish. So, what is going to be the new theme of the blog? Well, I've kept the name screen name cryptidsaurian so I can remember what my mindset was at the time I made it. That name captures some of the best memories of my life, but that time has past, and I've matured since. The new theme is the latter half of that name,  the "saurian", which when I made the name referred to dinosaurs. This shall came to symbolize my love for prehistory, and while my young eager love for the (bunk) science of cryptozoology has waned, my love for prehistory never shall. You can expect an array of paleontology, geology themed articles to show up here, and on occasion a small side journey into other fields of science, even art. I shall post hopefully in the coming months of a few of my own trips, findings on the paleozoic of Indiana, my home state, which boasts the spectacular Waldon Shale formation, which many of these posts shall be dedicated.
      That is the hope at least, my goal is to update this blog weekly, so until then, goodbye.

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